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                Advisory Hotline:023-47855868

                ABOUTS US

                DEMA THE MOTOR

                Chongqing dema frequency conversion motor Co. Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise "," military production enterprise "," small and medium sized enterprises in Chongqing 100 strong "," Chongqing famous trademark". The company set up the equipment of high speed de Chongqing (provincial R & D center) composed of electrical engineering, mechanical, mechanical seal, lubricating fluid, intelligent control, software development, composite materials and a number of old, middle-aged and young experts and technicians in R & D team. The main products: frequency conversion motor, measuring the power of the compressor high frequency motor, high-speed motor, flywheel battery, emergency power supply, power generation, air fluid special high speed motor, special motor, motor, variable frequency wind tunnel NC machine tool spindle motor, gas suspension maglev high-speed motor, high-speed motor, ball mill, variable frequency motor, permanent magnet synchronous electric vehicle high speed motor, brushless DC motor, AC servo motor, high speed low speed high torque...